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Gannett / Courier-Post: Lawnside’s Free Haven Farms Cultivates Knowledge

It is common to measure a farm’s success by way of numbers. One speaks to the pounds of collards and sun-ripened tomatoes that rise from the soil. One calculates how many people gain access to fresh, local food. Yet the truest measure of impact may be found in the vision cultivated in the next generation.

To speak to the children of farmers Micaiah and Dr. Cynthia Hall is to see this principle in action. Wise for a field crew that ranges in age from 7 to 12, they understand what it means to consume thoughtfully, food serving as fuel for a healthy life. They see the link between days spent tending their crops, the life-giving sun blazing overhead and harvests that unite people.

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Micaiah Hall on his farm in Lawnside, NJ


Sharing the heat

Published September 20, 2018

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