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New Jersey Monthly: The Elements of a Calming Home Tea Ritual For Trying Times

In the push-pull of the current moment, centering rituals can take on new meaning. For some, this means jogging. Others find solace in the kitchen. Haddonfield-based tea and wellness expert Alexis Siemonsdraws on her earliest memories when called to go inward. “My first memory of tea was my mom drinking it in the morning,” she says. Siemons mom was both a doctor and a mom—in other words, a superwoman deserving of downtime. “When it was nice, she would go outside, have her cup of tea and do morning stretches. I have this vivid memory as a child of looking out from a window and watching her have that five minutes of peace.”

These days, Siemons has made a name for herself in the tea world, teaching classes, writing for publications including Shape and Kinfolk and consulting with brands like La Colombe. We sought Siemons insight on the connection between tea and self-care in the current moment.

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Published April 8, 2020

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