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USA Today’s 10 Best: Beginner’s guide to navigating the oyster bar

Every oyster lover begins as a neophyte – or a spat, as baby oysters are called. Perhaps you find yourself at an oyster-centric work party. Or maybe you have a friend with a thing for bivalves.

More likely, you’re on a Tinder date.

Yes, Tinder oyster dates are a thing. Take it from Gary McCready, shucker at Philadelphia’s Sansom Street Oyster House and shucker about town for Garces Catering. “Tinder dates galore. Hello! I’ve been so many people’s cupid,” he muses, noting the oyster’s reputation as an aphrodisiac. “It’s kind of a break-the-ice sort of thing. Get somebody else involved. Get conversation happening.”

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Gary McCready of Sansom Street Oyster House in Philadelphia — Photo courtesy of Bondfire Media Relations

Published 1/4/20

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