Jenn Hall

Inside Jersey: A Guide to New Jersey’s Pinelands – Three-Part Series

The Pine Barrens contain a wealth of history: of privateers and Revolutionary War generals, of Native Americans and farmers who coaxed the sandy soils. It has been populated by industry barons, Civilian Conservation Corps workers, scientists intrigued by its ecosystem, and DIY types. Its aquifer, the Kirkwood-Cohansey, is rich with 17 trillion pristine gallons that industrialist Joseph Wharton once tried to poach for Philadelphia. Here, both civilization and its absence are worthy of contemplation. And while it’s tempting to think of a trip as a voyage back in time, that’s not quite right. The story of the Pines is a story of innovation. It’s a story of preservation reliant on forward-looking policies. A better word might be timeless, and as you begin to scratch the surface, layers are revealed.


Cloverdale Farm County Park, Barnegat

Published in the Oct. / Nov. 2017 issue

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