Jenn Hall

Edible Jersey: Not a Drop to Spare

In a state that boasts 1,792 miles of coastline when you count bays, offshore islands, sounds, rivers and creeks, it’s strange to think of water as a scarce commodity. This is ever more so the case after a summer marked by frequent rain. Yet water here has always required careful management. It’s why the New Jersey Water Supply Management Act was passed in 1981. That’s an issue that resonates in the Pine Barrens, where there is fear that the Comprehensive Management Plan designed to balance human and ecological needs won’t be enough to keep its water resources from being siphoned off as other regions face deficits. It is with this in mind that the Pinelands Preservation Alliance is aiming to raise awareness regarding the need for smart water management statewide.

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Published in the Fall 2017 issue

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