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Edible Jersey: Creating Compost from Coffee Capsules at Ag Choice

Roughly once a month, employees from Nespresso’s North American headquarters in Manhattan board a bus and take the 60-mile journey to rural Sussex County.

With the city in the rear-view, skyscrapers give rise to an open landscape defined by lakes, postage-stamp downtowns and hilly green vistas that stretch into the distance. It’s a far cry from their normal 9-to-5 digs.

Yet this isn’t just a team-building exercise. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. On a farm and warehouse near Route 206, Jay and Jill Fischer of Ag Choice Organics Recycling are playing a key role in helping Nespresso advance its North American sustainability goals, one recycled coffee capsule at a time.

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Courtest of Ag Choice Organics Recycling

Published in the Spring 2020 issue

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