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Princeton University Finance & Treasury: 2018-2019 Report of the Treasurer – Affordability & Access

Princeton University has long risen to the fore when it comes to affordability in higher education. Backed by visionary financial stewardship and a leadership team that seeks to continually reimagine what impact-oriented student support looks like, our mission is for Princeton to be accessible and affordable. • This is more than a narrative of dollars and cents. Guided by the Board of Trustees and President Christopher Eisgruber, we view it as an enduring responsibility to leverage our endowment for the good of humankind by empowering every student to succeed. • At heart, that’s a human story. We cast a wide net to identify and attract the brightest minds to Princeton, wherever they may be. We set a progressive example, reaching a range of individuals whose talents reflect our reputation for excellence. That begins with need-blind admissions. It is backed by grant-based aid that ensures a Princeton education is affordable without requiring student debt. • Throughout their time here and beyond, Princeton equips students with transformative tools and experiences— from community building and funding support to individual mentorship. • In the following pages, we reveal how a forward-looking mission backed by strong financials is shaping the next generation of Princeton success stories.

View the report online.

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