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New Jersey Monthly: Elsie’s Pickle Sandwiches – The Mission that Sparked a Briny Sensation

Jersey is no stranger to destination sandwiches. Think White House Subs in Atlantic City. The Fat Cat in New Brunswick. Pork roll, egg and cheese anywhere else. To that pantheon of portable meals, we can now add Elsie’s Pickle Sandwich—only hold the bread. This sandwich is all about its pickle bun, an innovation so ingenious that it has rapidly launched this family-run Haddon Township sandwich shop into viral sensation territory.

“Is this the golden age of the pickle?”Michael Strahan, Good Morning America

“Who’s coming with us for a long lunch break in Jersey?” – Thrillist

Here’s a crazy idea that just DID work!”Pee Wee Herman, pickle enthusiast

But Elsie’s offers more than Instagram fodder. They solve serious sandwich dilemmas. One: The massive Kosher dill bun is a salve for soggy sub syndrome. Two: With a briny kick, they’re a godsend for extra vinegar lovers whose requests often go unbidden. (I persist.) Three: More seriously, they create a culinary sanctuary for diners with dietary restrictions, paired with a real-deal pickle punch that anyone can enjoy.

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Published 11/6/19


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