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New Jersey Monthly: Rai Rai Ramen Sets Up Shop in Mount Laurel

When the Mount Laurel location of Rai Rai Ramen opened this summer, it had a decidedly big ladle to fill. Broths simmering, it set up shop in the former strip-mall home of Chulicious. There, Sheri Chu and her father/chef, Chun J. Chu, had developed a cult following with regional Taiwanese and Sichuan classics, before the restaurant was briefly sold and then closed. In the dining room, the healing scent of Chu’s chicken soup had perfumed the air: pure comfort.

Fortunately, the talent behind Rai Rai Ramen understands the healing qualities of a well-crafted broth. (Is there anything more potent in times like these?) On a menu that puts one of Japan’s famous culinary exports in the spotlight, chef-owner Vincent Lin presents no less than 30 ramen offerings. This can be overwhelming, yes—but in the best way—and at the front of the house, bright and simply adorned in wood tones, manager/partner Don Cheng is all welcoming energy and easy smiles, ready to help you navigate.

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Published 10/2/19

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