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Edible Jersey: Enjoying Skate at Da Pesca

For as prehistoric as a skate looks in the water, dotted wings billowing, the fish is plated with poetry and a wink at Chris Cannon’s daPesca, the seafood-focused concept at Morristown’s Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen. Curled into a scallop-shape medallion by executive chef Craig Polignano (there’s that wink), the dish is a riff on French beurre nair, which Cannon first savored as a nine-year-old in Europe.

“I’ve remembered it forever,” he says of the memory. “l love the texture. I love the flavor. Skate is one of the most prevalent fish around this area, and it happens to also be fantastic in a classic dish that’s been served for hundreds of years.”

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Photo by Jim Connolly (

Published in the High Summer 2019 issue

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