Jenn Hall

Edible Jersey: Old Stock, New Generation – 2018 IACP Award for Narrative Food Writing

Well before the average 26-year-old has even thought about hitting snooze, Bridgitte Maxwell is up and heading out onto the bay with her Dad, John, and her “Poppop,” Donald, on the Captain Curtis Maxwell, a dredge named for her paternal great-grandfather. You want to see the definition of hustle? Spend time with a rising oysterwoman. This is good, old-fashioned work.

Read between the lines of his wry, salty demeanor—one honed over years on the water, and delivered via a constant stream of quips—and John’s pride in his daughter shines clear. Was he surprised that Bridgitte pushed to join the family business, the first woman in the family to do so? Sure. Is he happy to have her there? You bet.

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Published in the High-Summer 2017 issue

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